Daily Routine

Our Day

Our routine is the same for the morning and afternoon sessions. Children participate in a variety of different adult lead activities linked to the early year’s curriculum and their current interests. Children are also encouraged to explore the setting freely with support from adults. Within each session we ensure children have access to the garden area regardless of the weather, children are encouraged to explore and learn about the natural environment.

Our day begins at 8 am with breakfast; the children can choose from cereal, porridge, toast, and fruit.

After breakfast, the children will have a choice of a variety of activities covering all areas of learning.

At 10.15 am we provide a healthy snack which consists of fresh fruit, healthy carbohydrate, and milk.

After snack, we enjoy time in the garden where we have lots of fun activities. Being outside in all types of weather encourages children to learn about the natural world.

At 12 pm it is lunchtime. We ask parents to provide a healthy pack lunch for their child, we can provide cold lunches if parents require this for a small charge.

12.45 pm is storytime. we all sit together to enjoy a  story before the morning session ends.

At 1 pm our Morning sessions end and afternoon session beginnings

In the afternoon we provide the same opportunities as we do in the morning session, we also provide snacks at 3 pm. Children can bring in their evening meal to have at 5 pm or we can provide a cold meal for a small charge.


We provide a variety of different activities at Tiny Toes throughout the year.

Other activities that we enjoy at Tiny Toes are:

  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Speech and language groups by our early years teacher
  • Special storytellers visiting ours setting
  • Drama group


Throughout the year other fun and educational groups are held to fit in with our planning and the children’s interests. We also invite parents into the setting if they have a talent (such as art) to share with the children.


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The Annexe Freemasons Hall, Knole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4DH

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