Our Environment

Our building consists of three main rooms; the pre-school room, the toddler room, and the office. We also have a substantial outside space.

Pre-school room

Our aim

  • To work towards each individual child reaching the Early learning goals to continue at School
  • To provide a stimulating and exciting environment
  • To promote readiness for school 
  • Create independence within health and self care
  • Begin each child’s journey of lifelong learning 
  • To learn through new experiences
  • Work in partnership with other children building friendships along the way

 Our Early Years Teacher over looks all the learning and Development of the children,this is done by observing and careful planning for each individual child using the tools of the online Diary that parents can veiw and comment on .

Our Preschool room is our largest, this gives children the space they need to be able to construct, create and explore. The Preschool room is an environment where children are able to be independent learners using tools and equipment whilst being support, guided and empowered by experienced practitioners. The term after a child’s third birthday they are moved up to the Preschool room to enable preparation for school. We provide weekly Language groups where children can enjoy fun activities whilst being supported by a qualified staff member promoting speech language and literacy

 Toddler room

Our aim

  • To create a stimulating and exciting environment
  • To extend language through singing and action songs
  • To develop social and emotional skills through play
  • Enjoy physical activities using a variety of  movement to music
  • To enable the start of independence through guidance from their key person and peers promoting physical development
  • For children to gain the skills to play alongside and with other children
  • To achieve individual next steps linking into early learning goals
  • To gain new skills through play and new experiences

Our toddler room is open planned and although the space is large it has been created to offer a cosy and safe environment for those younger children to explore and have their development extended at every possibility. Children in the toddler room are from 18 months till they are ready to move up to the Pre-school room.

In the toddler room we promote sensory play by providing a variety of sensory resources this is through sand play, water play, playdough and a variety of messy play.

In our toddler room the children enjoy free flow play which enables the children to choose to play with what interest them, the  child’s key person will add learning resources to this the activity to enable the child to learn from the play.

We also enjoy adult lead activities to like singing, movement to music and action songs. our toddler room has a holistic view on learning through play which enable us to enjoy a variety of activities.

Baby room

More information will be coming soon as we plan to open our baby room 2020.

All parents interest should contact the nursery.

Our garden

Our aim

  • For children to explore our natural environment
  • Have a safe and secure outside area to be used daily
  • Learn about living things and the environment 
  • To encourage the children to care for our pets
  • To learn to take controlled risks
  • To enjoy making mud pies and mixing materials

Our garden has been created with nature in mind, the garden is an environment where children can feel safe whilst exploring, taking risks and learning. Our garden hosts a large muddy kitchen, a build in sandpit, a cosy den with a transparent roof perfect for rainy weather, a writing and craft area, a water area and a digging area. Children use the free space in the garden to create obstacle courses, build blocks to balance and take risks on or have picnics.

At Tiny Toes we enjoy going into our garden daily when its cold or wet we put on our waterproofs and enjoy the puddles and taking our umbrellas out.

We love to do planting and watch our plants grow as we grow alongside.

We have two guinea pigs Nibbles and Fudge, they also like the garden and playing in their own part of the garden.



Find Us

The Annexe Freemasons Hall, Knole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4DH

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