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Nursery Rooms for Children Aged 16 Weeks to 4 Years

Tiny Toes Nursery offers a safe place for children to grow, learn and play. We are based in Dorset between Boscombe and Bournemouth, open 50 weeks a year.

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Our Environment

The Tiny Toes Nursery environment is designed to help your child learn, grow, develop, and socialise with other children of a similar age. 

Our ultimate goal with all of our spaces is to help your child achieve independence, empower them, and set them up to hit the desired learning goals prior to staring school. 

If you would like to further discuss our spaces, rooms, or have any questions, give us a call today on 01202 376956.

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Hedgehogs Room

Ages 16 Weeks - 2 Years Old

Our Hedgehogs Room has a Staff:Child ratio of 1:3, meaning there will be enough staff to ensure your baby/child receives the attention they require. 

We understand that enrolling your child into nursery can be an emotional experience and you may have some apprehensions about leaving your child in an unfamiliar environment, which is why we aim to provide support, reassurance, and regular updates to let you know how your child is settling in.

Your child will be assigned a 'key person' who will monitor their progress, set key goals for your child, and will be available to discuss your child's development to ensure they are comfortable and able to achieve their full potential through their time at Tiny Toes Nursery.


Bunnies Room

Ages 2 - 3 Years

Our aim with the Bunnies Room is to create a stimulating and exciting environment for our toddlers. 
We assist in developing your child's language and social skills through song and play with other children and encourage movement to music.
We promote sensory play by providing a variety of resources through sand play, water play, play dough, and messy play.
The children enjoy free flow play which allows them to choose to play with what interests them. The child’s key person will add learning resources to their activities to enable the child to learn from the play.


Owls Room

Ages 3 - 4 Years

Our aim with the Owls Room is to support and guide your child to reach their early learning goals to provide them with the best start to their school life.
The Owls Room helps to empower and create independence within your child and help them find their voice, strengthen their social skills, and learn through new experiences.
The Early Years teacher will overlook all learning and development to carefully create plans for each child using the tools of the online diary which parents can view and comment on.
We provide weekly language groups where children can enjoy fun activities whilst being supported by a qualified staff member promoting speech, language, and literacy.



Our large outdoor space allows our children to explore nature in a safe and secure environment. 
The children use the garden to learn about living things and our environment, encouraging children to care for all things living and the world around us. 
They will learn how to take controlled risks and consider their own safety.
Our garden hosts a large muddy kitchen, a built-in sandpit, a cosy den, a writing and craft area, a water area, and a digging area. Children use the free space in the garden to plant, create obstacle courses, build blocks to balance and take risks on, or have picnics.
We have two guinea pigs Nibbles and Fudge, they also like the garden and playing in their own part of the garden.


To arrange a tour of our nursery, get in touch with our team today.

The Annexe Freemasons Hall, Knole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4DH

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