Sessions, fees and funding

Our fees include a healthy snack and there are no hidden costs

Our sessions and fees are-

SessionsUnder 2Under 33 and above

Our fees include all snacks this being fresh fruit every day and a range from cereal, crackers, wraps or rice cakes.

All drinks, including milk, and extracurricular activities included.


We have no hidden charge in our fees we include a healthy Breakfast from 8am in the morning session and a healthy snack around 10am and 3pm all included in our daily fees.

Parents are asked to provide a Healthy pack lunch and an evening meal if your child is staying for the evening session. We can provide a cold lunch and evening meal for the charge of £2 each meal this has to be booked in advance.

All fees are paid at the beginning of each month a month in advance.

We offer 50 weeks of childcare per year.

A minimum of three sessions each week this is a total of 15 hours a week.

A minimum of five sessions a week if in receipt of 30 hours of funding a total of 25 hours a week.



Delivering quality childcare at affordable prices. We accept both 15 hours and 30 hours of childcare funding.

From the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday, every child is entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare per week 38 weeks a year. This is a total of 570 hours of free care, this is known as universal funding. The funded hours works out to be  11 hours per week towards your childcare.

Working parents, with three or four year olds, can claim up to 30 hours funded childcare a week for 38 weeks a year, 1140 hours per year. This is to help with the cost of childcare and enable them, when they wish, to return to work or to work additional hours. The funded hours work out to 22 hours per week towards your childcare.

Other information

  • Minimum Three in receipt of 15 Early Educational Funding.
  • Minimum Five sessions in receipt of 30 Hours Early Educational Funding.
  • In extreme situations this is flexible.
  • Early Educational funding- Your 570 or 1140 hours of Early educational funding will go towards your yearly fees, you will be given a breakdown over the year of a monthly fee this is for any additional hours and Additional services such as meals, snacks, drinks and trips, and extra activities such as music and dance etc are not covered by early education funding.
  • Tax free childcare-For every £8 you pay into your childcare account, the government will
    pay in £2. You can get up to £2,000 per child per year (which is a
    maximum of £500 per quarter), or £4,000 for disabled children
    (maximum £1,000 per quarter)
  • We give 10% reduced fees for siblings attending the same time over 30 hours a week.
  • Please use the link below to find out how you can save money on childcare fees.

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